Fix a Project File

Project Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is distributed by and designed to resolve various data corruption threats, affecting Microsoft Project files. The service of fix corrupted Project file Microsoft is really safe for MPP files in use therefore it can be installed on any computer regardless the privacy of stored information.

Fix Corrupt MS-Project File

During the fix currupt Microsoft Project file process, all active connections are closed therefore there is no risk of data leakages and losing personal information.

Fix Corrupted Project File

Before you start using Project Fix Toolbox, take a look at the list of features, powered by fix MS Project corrupt file solution:

  • Fix Project file in any environment, including older hardware and not supported operating systems, including Windows 98;
  • Leaves the structure of MPP files untouched when performing fix corrupt MS-Project file;
  • Automatically recovers the integrity of Microsoft Project files, fix a Project file and rebuilds the structure of MPP documents;
  • Fixes known issues and repairs the internal structure of MPP documents by using heuristic algorithms;
  • Provides step by step explanations about how to open corrupted documents in Microsoft Project format;
  • Resolves any damage of MPP files and automatically converts affected data into clean files by using the same sequence of user actions;
  • Ensures the safety of MPP files by leaving the structure of Microsoft Project documents untouched;

Project Fix Toolbox provides the results of professional software team development work, covered by proprietary licenses and not GNU General Public License (GPL) or similar ones. Project Fix Toolbox is not open source software, its source code is closed. Unlike free tools, this application comes with full support that is provided within 24 hours.

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Other capabilities:

Fix Corrupted Project File Microsoft

Fix Currupt Microsoft Project file
Fix MS Project Corrupt File